Rectangular Hang Tags Printing

  • Strong material
  • Full custom size and design at no additional cost
  • Perfect even in windy conditions
  • Use as outdoor advertisements


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Rectangular Hang Tags is more than an essential tool for pricing. You can use custom hang tags to inform customers of your products purchase details. Provide detailed information on the ingredients of the product or provide any specific cleaning instructions. Rectangular tags have plenty of space to tell. We are manufacturer of tag printing service.

What are hang tags most popular sizes?

Choose from a wide range of rectangular sizes for your individual tags or labels of clothing. Below are the two most popular clothing retailer options: The size of 2″x 3.5 ” is the same as a standard business card. Ideal for horizontal and vertical designs that emphasize your logo. 2″ x 4 ” is a little bit.

The nearest size currently available to a square is 2.5 ” x 2.5.” Its unique look stands out instantly as a price tag. If you have a specific preference, we also offer custom sizes. Simply select “custom size” from our online calculator and then select from a wide range of measures.

Choose a coating that easily adds to the durability and feel of the cardboard materials available.

Matte offers a smooth, subdued elegance and a better readability for longer texts.

Gloss gives a vibrant shine and every color details. Ideal for large images or graphics etiquette designs.

High Gloss UV has a higher shine than the gloss and protects against scratches and fades. Uncoated side gives our heavier materials a writable surface and a premium feel. See the Paper & Specs tab for more information on the cardstock and its coatings.

The string is not part of our online calculator options, but you can add holes depending on the size and location you prefer. You can also call us at 9818363838 or Chat Online for personalized string inclusion.

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